Equipment Sales

When sourcing used equipment for your business, the most important aspects are reliability and performance from your purchase.

This is crucial regards ensuring productivity and performance for your operation.

To ensure we offer this service level, firstly we ensure we understand your needs, to give assurance guarantee that we provide equipment to your specification and to the highest standards.

As we know sourcing used equipment to a set specification is difficult, that’s were Countrywide Plant Solutions provide expert knowledge, in sourcing this equipment on your behalf!

Whether the equipment comes through our ex hire fleet, or through outsourcing, we ensure all aspects are met through our dedicated sales manager to ensure our delivery guarantee is met.

We can also offer a management facility for the sale of our clients equipment, this ensures we offer the highest returns available for you, with the knowledge our expertise and used client base is available for quick sale and revenue turn around.

Our guarantee to you is, HONESTY & TRUST!

For a list of equipment for sale, or to discuss your specific requirements, please call:

Tel: 020 3393 2209